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3 Sec Straight Hair Cream

3 Sec Straight Hair Cream

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No more spending hours of straightening frizzy hair. Get salon straight locks in just a jiffy with 3 Sec Straight Hair Cream!
It not only straightens the hair but also nourishes, protects, and improves the strands elasticity making it effortless to style every day!
Say goodbye to damaging heat from constant hair ironing. With its convenient brush, always achieve beautiful & manageable hair even when in a hurry!



✔ Instant Straight Hair: Formulated to keep hair from looking dry, frizzy, and unmanageable. Get silky smooth hair within 3 seconds.
✔ 2 in 1 Convenience: Comes with a built-in styling brush so that the cream can be applied even while combing.
✔ Natural Formula: Made with active nourishing ingredients like collagen, glycerin, rose oil, plant extracts.
✔ Lightweight & Easy to Use: Carry and use whenever, and wherever.
✔ For all hair types: Strengthens, protects color, and will reduce hair damage from constant straightening heat treatments. Use every wash or before stylish to nourish the hair and always keep it healthy.


Ingredients: Collagen, Glycerin, Rose Oil, Plant Extracts
Net Weight: 150 ml
Shelf life: 3 years


1 x Straight Hair Cream

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