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90 Degree Angle Fixing Clip

90 Degree Angle Fixing Clip

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Easily create perfect & secure miter joints!

Even if everything is linked up, a little shake can ruin your work. This handy 90 Degree Angle Fixing Clip lets you fix corner joints accurately and without the hassle!
This clip secures your materials in place and eliminates the chance of screwing up your perfect angle entirely, making you work more efficient and fast!
Perfect for woodworking projects, fish tank fixing, cabinet and furniture pieces connection, picture framing reinforcements, and other DIY home projects!


✔ Perfect 90° Angle: Features 2 independent adjustable clamps that can hold joints securely at a perfect 90-degree angle and can also be used for 45-degree sawing.
✔ Adjustable for Different Thickness: The swivel jaws and swivel points allow the fixture to rotate and adjust to different thicknesses of wood or other materials.
✔ Super Tight Clamping: Holds material well in place by tightening the screws.
✔ Durable Aluminum Alloy: Made of durable aluminum, red rustproof mask, strip screws, and independently adjustable jaws.
✔ Multifunctional Usage: Perfect for woodworking, fish tank fixing, cabinet and furniture pieces connection, picture framing reinforcement.
✔ Safe To Use: This clip is simple to use & safe for your fingers. Even non-professionals can use it on any kind of project that involves right angle clamping!


Material: Aluminum alloy
Size: 90 mm x 110 mm x 175 mm


1 / 2 pcs x 90 Degree Angle Fixing Clip

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